A letter from Michael Blankenship

| Academics

At this year’s Trevecca graduation I saw persons whose dream had come true.

Fulfilling those dreams and completing a degree was the result of a dream AND having a team around them, a team of special people—parents, church family, friends, employers, teachers, and others.

At Trevecca those teams expanded to include many from the Trevecca faculty, administration, and staff—persons who played special roles in helping the dream come true.

As I stepped to the podium to welcome these new graduates into the Alumni Association, I saw many big smiles, tears of joy, and sighs of relief. I was blessed to see these dreams come true.

I have a dream for these Trevecca graduates of 2013. I dream that they will take their rightful places on the Alumni team of Trevecca. As they go from Trevecca to the four corners of the world, I pray they will become active Trevecca alumni, who will support Trevecca by praying for it, by giving back financially to Trevecca’s mission, and by taking part in homecoming and alumni gatherings.

Also I dream these new graduates will become a vital part of other folks’ lives. Perhaps their caring and influence would help others join the Trevecca team—and fulfill more dreams at Trevecca.

Encourage their dreams and join their team.

To me, that would be a DREAM COME TRUE.


In Christ’s Service,

Michael B. Blankenship, President

Trevecca Nazarene University Alumni Association