New Alumni Referral Scholarship

| Alumni Referral Scholarship

The College of Lifelong Learning (CLL) is pleased to announce its new Alumni Referral Scholarship, which provides the opportunity for any Trevecca alumnus to award a $200 scholarship to any degree completion student. Trevecca Nazarene University alumnus can award as many scholarships as they choose, empowering others to further their careers and expand their opportunities. (Only one alumni referral scholarship may be used by a student, but other scholarships and financial aid may be available.)

The Management and Human Relations Program at Trevecca was the first accelerated degree-completion program designed specifically for working adults in Middle Tennessee. It has produced thousands of successful graduates. For more than 25 years, Trevecca Nazarene University has offered the Management and Human Relations Program, a business management degree program that has enabled busy adults to fulfill their life-long dream of completing a bachelor of arts degree. With its focus on the key components of management, communications, human relations, professional ethics, and organizational behavior, the MHR Program has a history of empowering adults to meet personal and professional goals.

The CLL hopes that this new scholarship will empower many others to finish their degree. If you are a Trevecca alumnus who wants to empower someone you know through this Alumni Referral Scholarship, please fill out this form, and a certificate will be emailed to the prospective MHR student: