A Letter from Michael Johnson

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Dear Trevecca alumni, friends and family,

Some of you know that I spend a lot of my time, either here on campus or out on the road, being personally in touch with many of you. I cherish the opportunity I have had across the years to be in physical proximity to you allowing me to see your eyes light up in moments of sheer joy. I have even been with some of you in moments of memory for loved ones who are distant or even passed from this life. Being together matters a lot to me.
One of the ways I pass my time, especially when I'm in the car headed somewhere to see you, is to listen to music - lots of music. On Sirius-XM satellite radio, channel 49 is home to Soul Town and represents a good bit of the soundtrack of my life. One of my favorite duets of all time is "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. The song sort of captures what a lot of us are living right now in an age of social distancing.

So, while there "ain't nothing like the real thing" in terms of being together, I am encouraging you to get extra creative over these next few days, or weeks, or for however long it is, till we can gather again in larger groups to stay connected. Don't just depend on social media to know how each other is doing. Pick up the phone and dial a number. TALK to each other. The sound of your voice on the other end of the line will stir in ways that digital media cannot.

Someday we will be free to be in the same rooms and it will be good. Until then, stay in contact even if that contact cannot be physically tangible. Connections like the ones we forged at Trevecca are really those of the heart and this is good even now.

Stay well!
Michael Johnson

P.S. If you are looking for ways to help students in need, donate today to Trevecca's student emergency fund