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Building on the success of the Fall 2020 semester, Trevecca officials announced today that the split semester strategy would continue into the spring for traditional undergraduate students.  

“We created the 7-7 Plan to allow us to reallocate classroom spaces and limit possible exposure for students, faculty and staff, and it worked in the Fall 2020 semester,” said Dr. Tom Middendorf, University provost. “We have been able to mitigate large outbreaks throughout the fall semester.  Considering cold and flu season, we'll continue with the split semester strategy, with some adjustments based on student feedback.”  

Nicknamed the 7-7 Plan during the Fall 2020 semester, the split schedule strategy divides the semester—and students’ course loads—into two equal halves. The strategy helped to limit crowded hallways, classrooms, lobbies and other shared spaces during the fall and lower the risk of exposure. Officials report little to no classroom exposures as well as zero instances of student-to-faculty transmission during the fall semester. 

While the spring semester will follow the same format, adjustments include adding a couple extra instructional days to each course and built-in Break Days.   

“We're calling this the 8-8 Plan,” Middendorf said. “The premise is the same, but students will have more scheduled break days throughout the semester to give them additional time to process and rest during each half of the semester. Additionally, students will have the benefit of selecting their own class schedules for the spring, which time constraints didn’t allow for in the fall.” 

Rather than a traditional weeklong spring break, seven no-class days are scheduled throughout the semester. These include holidays such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Good Friday, as well as several midweek days off and a rest day between both spring modules. Students are still strongly encouraged to stay in Tennessee and on campus during the Spring 2021 semester. 

The 8-8 Plan only applies to traditional undergraduate students. On-campus, in-person classes for non-traditional and graduate students will continue to follow their scheduled format.  

The 8-8 Plan, which will observe the same starting and ending dates as communicated in Trevecca’s 2020-2021 Academic Catalog, will move the University one step closer to the traditional 15-week semester format, Middendorf says.  

“We are still learning about COVID-19 and want to remain cautious, taking every precaution to keep our campus community safe and healthy,” Middendorf said. “The 8-8 Plan is the next step toward moving us to a traditional 15-week semester, which is our goal for the Fall 2021 semester.”  

Details of the 8-8 Plan:  

  • Spring 2021 semester classes for traditional undergraduate students will begin on Jan. 13 and end on May 5. Residence halls will open at 3 p.m. on Jan. 10.   
  • Spring Module 1 will begin on Jan. 13 and end on March 9, with final exams scheduled for March 8-9.   
  • Spring Module 2 will begin on March 11 and end on May 5, with final exams set for May 4-5.   
  • Scheduled Break Days and holidays include:  
    • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Jan. 18
    • Break Day, Feb. 3
    • Break Day, Feb. 25
    • Semester Break Day, March 10
    • Break Day, March 23
    • Good Friday, April 2
    • Break Day, April 21
  • Students, faculty and staff will continue to practice social distancing and all other health and safety protocols outlined in the Back Home to the Hill Plan, including wearing face coverings during class sessions.  

To learn more about the Back Home to the Hill Plan, read over the Spring 2021 Academic Calendar and more, visit

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