Homecoming: Then and Now

Posted by Herb Modesitt on Sep 28, 2016 5:18:45 PM

Greetings from your Alumni Association! I trust everyone is making plans to attend Homecoming 2016 on November 4-5. I want to make a special appeal to all alumni in the greater Nashville area.

As a Trevecca grad who decided to stay in town after graduation, I understand the natural ebb and flow that happens as you leave college, pursue a career, home, and family in the suburbs of Nashville. It is very natural to leave school and not look back, for a while at least. There are too many things to get on track in your world to spend a lot of time looking back.

I have been there.

Over the past 30 years, Tammy and I would make our way back to Homecoming as locals, hit the basketball game, make it as far as the lobby, talk with whomever we happen to run into from out of town, and grab a post-game supper with a couple from our past. None of this was pre-planned; we would just show up and see what happened. It was fun for us because we enjoy spontaneity.

Fast forward to 2016. It is unbelievable what Trevecca Homecoming has become. Now we show up no later than Friday evening, grab family supper in Boone, then off to a packed out music showcase that features Trevecca talent from every generation. On Saturday morning we line up for the parade, which is a blast, then hang out in the Quad with jazz bands, food trucks, tents, people, reunions and lots of great energy in the most beautiful fall campus setting you can imagine. During the afternoon and evening, we enjoy two basketball games, a play, and more reunions. (This is not a comprehensive schedule of events, just an indication of the entire weekend of activities that are set up for you.)

Lastly, it never fails that the “out of towners” do a great job of supporting Homecoming. They ask about you. I challenge all my local friends to break the cycle this year, get off the couch, DVR the game, drive across town and hang out in the Quad for a couple hours on Saturday.

It is time to come home, and we have been missing you.

Click here for more information and to register.

Herb Modesitt
President, Trevecca Alumni Association

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