Why Completing Your Bachelor’s Degree Is Worth It

Freshmen 15: Juggling Work and School

Five Questions With Dr. Phil Rickard

Freshmen 15: Staying Healthy in College

Freshmen 15: Relationships with Friends and Family

Five reasons you need an IT degree

Five Questions with Dr. Mindy Burch

Freshmen 15: Getting to Know Your Professors

Academic Excellence: Greg Fritjofson

Academic Excellence: Jose Paz

Academic Excellence: Ryan Gunter

Academic Excellence: Dylan Green

Academic Excellence: Charis Cochran

Behind the Scenes at Little Women

Freshmen 15: Dealing with stress and anxiety

Five Questions with Dr. Steve Hoskins

Freshmen 15: Time Management

Freshmen 15: Adjusting to College Life

5 Questions with Doug Turner

Freshmen 15: Living with Roommates

Freshman 15: Loneliness, Fitting In, and Homesickness

Build a Bridge: Meet Maria Robles

5 Questions with Erik Gernand

Make the Most of the Weekend in Nashville

From the Archives: Where Are They Now?

Tips for HR Professionals

Build A Bridge: Meet Mauricio Paredes

5 tips to take care of emotional health over the summer

Preparing for New Student Orientation

Build a Bridge Profile: Meet Noah Starr

5 Questions with Dr. Randy Carden

Commencement Rain Plan FAQ

Finals Week: Best places to study

5 questions to help you make your final college decision

Six Misconceptions About Service Animals

Five Questions with Brandee Norris

Everything you need to know about the Testing Center

Going back to school as an adult? We understand.

5 Questions with Taylor McPherson

The More You Know: Trevecca’s ROTC program

Celebrating Pi Day

Celebrating AmeriCorps Week

International Experience: Exploring Study Abroad Opportunities at Trevecca

Five Questions with Dr. Ryan Longnecker

Five Questions with Dr. Alice Patterson

Student Voices: Visiting campus helps you make your college decision

From the Archives: Walden University and Trevecca

Celebrating National Engineers Week

Get to know Paul Winkler

Get to know the new director of career services

Tips for completing your degree as an adult

The Right University for You

Five Questions with Dr. David Wu

Tips for a low-stress holiday season

Savoring your last Christmas before college

Finals week: It’s not too late to get help

Five Questions with Dr. Cathy Hendon

3 Tricky Questions To Navigate during the holidays

The holiday season doesn’t have to stress you out: 5 tips for balancing work, family and school

5 Questions with Trevecca’s Dean Diehl

Behind the Scenes at Seussical!

10 defining moments in trevecca athletics

Homecoming 2018: Celebrating Dr. H. Ray Dunning

Trevecca in Atlanta: Five Questions with Dr. Shawn Thomas

Get to know the New Speer Family

Tips for Making Homecoming Weekend Awesome

Homecoming 2018 Countdown: Don’t-Miss Events

Trevecca in Atlanta: 5 Questions with Dr. Tim Eades

Stories Behind the Buildings: W.M. Tidwell

A conversation with Dr. Gary Morsch

The Stories Behind the Buildings: Bud Robinson

The Five Transfer Tips You Need

The Stories Behind the Buildings: Johnson Hall

Getting to Know Dr. Gary Morsch

Atlanta & Trevecca: 5 Things You May Not Know

Why All the Fuss?

Four Trevecca employees who need to be in your contact list

5 Things You Need to Know about Jessica Dykes

Feeling Left Out of the Back-to-School Frenzy? How to Make Going Back to Online Classes Special

Going back to school doesn’t have to be scary

What it means to be a McClurkan Scholar

Trevecca senior “takes the plunge” in Honduras

Five reasons to complete your degree

Barefoot Through the Clover: Karen Shaw’s beekeeping journey

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Nashville!

Are you a McClurkan Scholar?

What's the Six8 Fellowship?

Dispatches from Oxford

What to expect at New Student Orientation

What you need to know no matter where you work

Decision Day: Why I Chose Trevecca

Class of 2018: Make the most of your Trevecca experience

Dear High School Senior

Your graduation checklist

Parents Series: First year is almost over!

Seek Justice Conference: Meet Jo Saxton

Parent Series: Help! My student is changing his major!

Seek Justice Conference: Meet Lisa Sharon Harper

Yes, campus visits still matter

5 reasons we love our students

In Their Own Words: Dr. Tandy Taylor

Five reasons to consider a degree in healthcare leadership and innovation

Parent Series: How to encourage your student in the spring semester

7 tips to help you start the semester strong

High School Seniors: How to prepare for college

2018: Rethinking resolutions

Parents Series: The Final Countdown

Take time to be grateful this Thanksgiving

In Their Own Words: Faculty Blog Series

Get some rest!

Why I’m coming back for Homecoming

From The Archives: WNAZ Radio Station

Homecoming Highlights: A Q&A with the Homecoming 2017 parade coordinator

New Events and Opportunities for this year's Homecoming

Nashville 2020: Meet the Panelists

Fall Break Mission Trip Memories

Meet the Nina Griggs Gunter Servant Leadership Scholarship Finalists

Parent Series: When your student doesn’t seem to miss you

4 reasons you need to join the conversation about Nashville’s future

How I spent my summer: Ingrid Rekedal

First month of college: Check!

Nashville 2020: The Future of our Neighborhood

5 ways to make online learning come to life

5 things international students need to know

Trevecca student reflects on summer in Africa

Parent Series: Tips to help you and your student adjust to the new normal

Homesick at college? 5 tips to help

5 tips for college parents

Trevecca on Leadership: Favorite books, apps and tips

How Trevecca is getting ready for YOU!

How to take eclipse photos

Extroverts vs. introverts: Tips for living in the dorm

The Music City Eclipse: A historical overview

Find your place at Trevecca

The science of a solar eclipse

A president’s take on freshman year

Nashville Eclipse FAQ

College Packing List: Dorm Room Essentials

Applying for college? 4 things to remember

How to spend July 4th in Nashville

Summer Spotlight: Trevecca students get broadcasting experience at Sounds stadium

Summer Spotlight: Katelyn Boyett

Mistakes to avoid during your last summer before college

Do’s and don’ts of a good student ID photo

What’s a LINK group anyway?

7 reasons to transfer to Trevecca this fall

Power Play: Trevecca alumni serve on Preds' game ops team

Summer Spotlight: Andrew Preston

Power Play: Alumna Demetri Moon on being part of the Preds' Energy Team

Power Play: Trevecca grad shares about working for the Preds, postseason

Power Play: Trevecca grad Tom Reed on working for the Preds

Power Play: Trevecca grad shares about working in the Preds organization

Trevecca Tips: Our 5 favorite donut shops in Nashville

Tips for starting a nonprofit

Q&A with Michelle Younkman

Alumni advice for indie artists

Three steps to setting up a scholarship at Trevecca

How a degree really does help you achieve your goals

Dear freshmen: Advice from a 2017 graduate

Take it in: Advice for graduation day from a 2016 grad

Tips to plan your graduation weekend in Nashville

Top 3 ways to stay connected to your university

Want to complete your degree? Advice from a 2017 graduate

Why I Chose Trevecca: Joe Hare

Milestones: 11 days till graduation

Making the right college choice: Advice from a college president

Gifts graduates really want

4 factors NOT to base your college decision on

Meet the 2017 Graduates: Rebekah Stanley

Meet the Associated Press award nominees

From the Archives: Chapel

Milestones: Reflecting on senior year

Reflections on Israel

Names on the Wall: Austin Bush

Connection Point: It's OK to not be OK

Te amo, Mexico.

Making the most of your spring break

Trevecca students in Mexico—an update

Five cereal combinations that will change your life

Names on the Wall: Clifford Hinson

The easiest way to make an impact

From the Archives: Trevecca’s Student Publications

Debunking the myths of online learning

Connection Point: What’s love got to do with it?

A Letter to Seniors

Names on the Wall: Dana Henderson

From the Archives: Formation of Student Government

Tips for better work, life and school balance

Connection Point: The shortest distance is a straight line

Trevecca: A Year in Review

Make your resolution a reality

Five tips for enjoying the holidays as an adult student

Names on the Walls: Lenny Walker

A Finals Journal

Connection Point: The “shoulds” of the season

From the Archives: Trevecca Dining

Grad and adult studies students: Balancing work, family and school on a busy schedule

Advice for high school seniors: What should you be doing in December?

Finishing the semester strong

Enjoying Thanksgiving when your plate is full

Seven ways to conserve on campus

Faculty Research Roundtable

Connection Point: When fear and worry press in

From the Archives: History of the Halls

A Conversation with Rachelle Dekker

The Names on the Walls: Kim Wonders

A Handshake Between Trevecca and Her Alumni

Top 5 reasons to come back for Homecoming

Connection Point: The Happiness Advantage

Tutoring services for undergrads, non-traditional and graduate students

Hurricane Matthew Travel Tips

Meet the Panelists: Benji Cowart

From the Archives: The Home of Rebecca

Meet the Panelists: Jeremy Cowart

Homecoming: Then and Now

Shattering FAFSA misconceptions for non-traditional and graduate students

Meet the Panelists: Blake Thompson

Visiting campus can help you make your college decision

Meet the Trevecca Class of 2020: Bishop Rhodes

Meet the Trevecca Class of 2020: Sharik Atkinson

Making senior year new

Four things I learned my freshman year of college

Senior Seminar: Advice for parents of college seniors

5 Tips for Freshman Move-In Day

Tips for first-generation students

Your College Checklist

Building community in online classes

A guide for first-time college parents

Five tips for your sophomore year

How I spent my summer: Jacob Gunter

Make the Most of Your Campus Tour

How I spent my summer: Taylor Wise

College Checklist: 10 things to pack

How I spent my summer: Taran Magee

Introducing Herb Modesitt

How I spent my summer: Evan Burcham

What I wish I'd known: Advice to new students

Parents: What to expect at New Student Orientation

How to make the most of New Student Orientation

How I spent my summer: Christian Lohr

Trevecca chaplaincy transition

Tips for celebrating graduation in Nashville

5 tips to help you enjoy your graduation

The Thrill on the Hill

Next steps after making your college decision

Graduate Profile: Trevecca leaves a lasting impression on senior Chris Elliott

Tips to help make your college decision

Graduate profile: Tammy Bryant finds the support to achieve her dream at Trevecca

Advice for parents: School’s out for summer

13 to 30

It does matter


How to have the best cup of coffee on campus

Top 5: Value of a college experience

The Divine Detour

Parents: Tips for finals week

5 tips: Don't just survive finals week

Freshman Firsts: Thanksgiving Break tips for parents

Home Where We Belong

Five tips for better communication with your professors

Homecoming 2015 Highlights

Home to the Hill: A Family Legacy

Have we met yet?

Trevecca, My Saving Grace: Why I’m coming back for Homecoming 2015

Boundless bonds


Words are all I have

New Beginnings

Looking Back to Look Forward

Punching Holes in the Darkness

The Master’s Tournament

Trevecca students seek to make Nashville a name in Late Night TV

How'd you get involved in this tragedy?

At the Mention of Mentoring

God sent us a Savior - From Don Hastings

Business Networking Lunch

The Family Came Home to the Hill – from Don Hastings

Appreciation for the Reed Memorial Tower

Nana and Poppaw’s Great Homecoming Adventure – from Don Hastings

Something to Think About - from Don Hastings

It’s on the web…it must be true - from Don Hastings

Belle, Bill, and Maureen – from Don Hastings

It’s Time to Say Thank You – from Mike Blankenship

The sea of smiles - from Mike Blankenship

Commencement 2014

President Boone reports news following Board of Trustees

Experience Trevecca

Former Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell reflects on Trevecca

We need to do this again soon – from Mike Blankenship

The joy of reconnecting - from Mike Blankenship

Inside Trevecca Day

Great night of fun at the Grand Ol' Trevecca Opry

A December Hallelujah

The Funeral of Ruth Boone

How long has it been?

Fun on the Front Porch - Mike Blankenship

Remembering Jim Foglesong

Social Justice Conference This Fall

Tennessean Features 63-year-old Trevecca Grad

Dr. Boone Affirms Commitment to Trevecca

A Call Makes a Big Difference - Mike Blankenship

Heather Daugherty on Mission Nashville

Trojans featured in THE CITY PAPER

New Student Orientation

A letter from Michael Blankenship

FOX 17 Featuring Jennifer Neely

Follow us online!

National Weather Day at Trevecca

Project Homeless

Trevecca Launches New Mobile App

Dave Matthews Band member Jeff Coffin and M’utet to appear at Trevecca

“Four C’s Determine Value”

National Launch of Called to the Fire

Trevecca’s chapel services now streamed live

A Day with Civil Rights Activist Dr. Charles Johnson to Celebrate Black History Month

New Alumni Referral Scholarship

Teachers with weapons? A conflict of mindsets

Tampa Bay Rays All-Star Finds Spot with TNU

Aftermath of violence: Helping children cope

Tribute to Dr. Reed

A loving farewell to Millard C. Reed

Inaugural Issue of The Cumberland River Review


What am I doing again?

Amie's Miracle for Medical Missions

Welcome Week: Rock Around the Block


God's Not Dead, or, What I Did This Summer

Move In Day!

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