5 ways to make online learning come to life

Posted by Andy Lovell on Sep 27, 2017 3:18:42 PM


Life is becoming more digital by the day, and with that comes greater possibilities. One of those possibilities is online learning, which is a game-changer for those who don’t have time to be in the classroom. But with so much of our lives existing behind a screen, it’s important to find ways to make your coursework tangible.

No matter what degree you’re working toward, here are five ways to make your online learning experience come to life.

1. Get to know your classmates.

Trevecca Online has designed its courses to foster connection and community between classmates and professors. Through discussion-based assignments, weekly reflections and video posts, you’ll truly get to know who you’re “in class” with.

Invest in those assignments. Learning who your classmates are and where they come from is a helpful reminder that you’re not alone on this journey. Soon enough, you might even find yourself sitting next to them at Commencement.

2. Ask questions. Then ask some more.

No matter if you’re finishing your associate’s or working on your doctorate, you’re going to have questions about your program and your classes. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Between your professors, classmates, advisor and Trevecca’s IT Help Desk, you’ve got an entire support system that’s here to help. Getting answers to your questions will help you wrap your mind around the online learning environment.

3. Keep your eyes on the prize.

With most courses lasting only six weeks, Trevecca Online has designed programs that are fast-moving, yet manageable. Still, between your job, homework, and a busy personal life, you might feel overwhelmed.

When you sit down at your computer, find ways to remind yourself of the big picture. If life feels like one giant to-do list right now, remember that it’s for an incredible purpose. And when you reach the finish line, you’ll be so glad you put in the effort. Take some time to envision graduation day or the job you plan to get with your degree.

4. Talk about it.

Talk to your friends, family and coworkers about what you’re learning. You’ll be amazed how many connections you can make between the material and the world around you. Plus, verbally processing new ideas will help you grasp them all the more.

5. Celebrate little wins.

If you finished a course, knocked out a big paper or simply got some good feedback from a professor, celebrate that with loved ones! Reward yourself by grabbing a donut with a friend or having a movie night with your family. Recognizing those smaller accomplishments along the way will give you the motivation you need to reach your ultimate goal.

Your degree, your way

With Trevecca Online, you can reach your goals without pausing your life. Schedule coursework when it works best for you. Whether you have strict office hours, work from home or do a lot of traveling, you can work on your degree whenever, wherever. Click below to learn more about the programs we offer.


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